Contest Rules


INTERNATIONAL CONTEST - ”Unemployee of the year”


1.  Description of the project (hereinafter the “Contest”)

The scheme was created as part of the activities of the UNHATE Foundation, following the success of the Foundations’ launch campaign in November 2011.
The scheme is aimed at individuals and the community and seeks to focus public opinion on the changing work environment facing young people on a global scale.
The scheme was launched by a worldwide campaign portraying young people described as NEETs (Not in Education, Employment or Training) and promoting a competition to encourage 100 of these young people (aged under 30) through offers to finance the realisation of those of their personal projects – that reflect the philosophy and fundamental values of the UNHATE Foundation.

The scheme pursues no commercial ends and will be conducted in the spirit of Article 6 of Presidential Decree 430/2001. The prize awarded to the winner will acknowledge personal merit and encourage services to the community.

2. Organisation of the Contest

The Contest is organised by Bencom S.r.l., coordinated and controlled by Benetton Group S.p.A., with head offices at via Villa Minelli 1, Ponzano Veneto (Province of TREVISO), (hereinafter “Bencom”), under the aegis of the UNHATE Foundation.

3. Theme of the Contest and eligibility criteria

The Contest will consist of the presentation of a project for the creation of artistic works or initiatives in the commercial or industrial sectors demonstrating contestants’ support for the UNHATE Foundation’s mission. In particular, in order to be eligible, the works must demonstrate that they:

  • will generate tangibly beneficial spin-off for the community
  • are consistent with the aims of the UNHATE Foundation.

The objectives pursued by the works must be set out using the appropriate web form in a minimum of 1500 characters and must also come within the following predefined categories:

  1. project for creation of a work of art
  2. project for creation of an economic activity, for profit or non-profit, with a social impact that is consistent with the fundamental values of the UNHATE Foundation. 

4. Contestants

The requirements for taking part in the Contest are as follows:

  1. natural person
  2. unemployed
  3. aged between 18 and 30 years.

These requirements must be fulfilled for the entire duration of the Contest (18 September – 14 October 2012).
For the purposes of taking part in the Contest, “unemployed” means someone who has never been in paid employment or performed any work for more than six consecutive months, whether as an employee or self-employed.
The Contest does not impose entry restrictions on the basis of professional, geographical, national or other requirements other than as provided in these Rules.
Members of the Judges’ Panel as indicated at Article 7 hereunder, employees of companies in the Bencom Group or of the UNHATE Foundation, and their relations up  to the third degree of affinity are excluded from taking part. Persons involved in organising this Contest are also excluded.
Any participation in violation of the terms and conditions set out in these Rules shall be considered null and void.

5. Registration and entry procedures

Those wishing to register and enter the Contest must first possess or create a Facebook profile and register via the website www.unhatefoundation.org by:

  1. correctly filling in the registration form to join the “UNHATE Foundation Community” and
  2. uploading their project according to the technical instructions displayed on the website.

Each contestant will receive confirmation of registration and of the successful upload of their work.
A project can be entered in the Contest only after it has been preliminary assessed by the Judges’ Panel within the deadlines set in these Rules.
Participation in the Contest is not subject to any conditions other than as provided in these Rules.

Registration opens on 18 September 2012
All works must be received without fail, on penalty of exclusion from the Contest, by 12 noon on 14 October 2012.
The date and time in Italy of the connection shall be legally binding.
The winners will be announced by 31 October 2012 and published on the website www.unhatefoundation.org. All winners will be contacted for the purposes of formalities related to the announcement and may be requested to send documents certifying that they meet the entry requirements established in the Rules. If a winning entry does not comply with these Rules, or if a winner cannot be traced or fails to reply to communications from the UNHATE Foundation within four business days of notification of the win or if the communication is returned to sender or cannot be delivered, the winner will forfeit all rights to the prize. In such cases the organisers reserve the right to select another winner.
The prize is awarded to a named person and may not be attributed to anyone else. The award of a prize cannot be challenged or give rise to the consignment of the equivalent value in other goods, exchanges or replacements.

6. Information

For further information on every aspect of participation in the Contest, aspiring contestants should use the following email address: info@unhatefoundation.org .

7. Judges’ Panel and entry criteria

The Judges’ Panel, comprising 3 members with voting rights appointed by the UNHATE Foundation, will assess whether the works meet the Contest entry eligibility criteria as per Article 3. Appropriate documentary proof may be required from entrants to demonstrate that they meet the said requirements.
In particular, if the information given in the works is not sufficient for their assessment by the Judges’ Panel, the Panel may request that supplementary information be included in the project or subsequently forwarded to the Panel. Failure to reply to such requests by the set deadline shall result in exclusion from the Contest.

The decisions of the Judges’ Panel will be reached by a simple majority of votes. For decisions to be valid, all members of the Judges’ Panel must be present. Each member of the Judges’ Panel may cast one vote only.
The Judges’ decision is final and without appeal. The Judges’ Panel will select a Chairman from among its members.

8. Selection criteria for winners  

Once admitted to the Contest by the Judges’ Panel, the works will be assessed and voted on by members of the “UNHATE Foundation Community”.
Projects will be voted on exclusively by other members of the community using the appropriate voting button. The “like” button on the member’s profile does not cast a vote valid for the purposes of the Contest. Contestants may vote exclusively for other entrants and not for their own project.
Each member of the community may cast one vote for each competing profile.
Multiple votes for a single project are not allowed.
The winners will be the 100 contestants obtaining the most votes from the community after a spot check by the Judges’ Panel that the requirements set out in these Rules have been met.
The official classification of Contest winners will be published only after such checks, but no later than 30 October 2012.
Entrants acknowledge that any ranking displayed online during the Contest before the official announcement will not necessarily reflect the official classification of winners.

9. Liability and case of force majeure. Costs

In view of the free availability of personal information on the internet and the impossibility of monitoring any unauthorised use, Bencom does not accept liability for any misuse of such information and likewise does not accept any liability for network (or telephone line) malfunctions which may impede normal participation in the Contest. No compensation may be claimed for said reasons.
Entrants acknowledge that any costs incurred in participation the Contest, such as, for example, the cost of an internet connection, shall be borne exclusively by the entrant.

10. Prizes

€5,000.00 will be allotted to each of the 100 winning projects announced as per Article 8, to finance their realisation. The prize is “an award for promoting community projects”.  
The total prize winnings are equivalent to €500,000.00.
The sum will be paid in a single instalment upon commencement of the project.
The winner shall issue a receipt certifying a commitment to implementation of the project by the deadlines set, on penalty of refunding the prize received.
The winning project must be implemented within 6 months of its start-up.

11. Terms for entry

By registering themselves on the aforementioned website and sending their own material to the Contest organisers, entrants unequivocally manifest their full acceptance of these Rules and consent to the processing of their personal data as per point 16.

12. Intellectual property rights – authorisation and assignment of rights – guarantees.
Entrants undertake to upload to the Contest website exclusively original works of which they are the authors and therefore fully entitled to the intellectual property rights thereof.
Should the works include portraits, entrants undertake to obtain the consent of the persons depicted therein. Portraits of minors are strictly forbidden.
By registering for the Contest, entrants freely grant to Bencom a full and exclusive licence, without limits of time or territory, to use the copyright to the works uploaded (right of publication, representation, reproduction, adaptation etc.). Therefore, entrants hereby authorise Bencom and its successors in title to publish the works in catalogues, books, on the Internet, in specialised journals or other mass media. No payment shall be due to entrants for such publication.
Entrants shall guarantee the quiet enjoyment of copyright to the works and indemnification against any loss, action, claim, opposition or good title claimed by third parties.
Entrants declare they have not assigned the copyright to uploaded works to third parties, and therefore hold Bencom immune from any claim or demand regarding intellectual property rights to the works.
The works uploaded to the website shall not in any manner appear obscene, violent, injurious to human dignity, prejudicial to the protection of minors, racist or in any way contrary to public order and decency.
Bencom reserves the right, as a precautionary measure, to reject any works without any requirement to justify its decision.

13. Results/Publications 

The organisers of the Contest undertake to disclose and promote the results of the Contest by the means they consider most appropriate.
The organisers will notify the Contest results within the timescales indicated in these Rules on the website www.unhatefoundation.org. The website will also publish images of the works.

14. Privacy

The personal data for of participants will be processed by Bencom (Data Controller) exclusively for purposes of participation in the Contest and performance of associated activities as described above.
The data may be processed in either paper or electronic form. Provision of data is mandatory if required for the purposes of entry to the Contest and any refusal to supply it, or to its subsequent processing may render impossible the contestant’s participation in the Contest and the organisers’  performance of all associated activities.
Data provided pursuant to the above provisions, may be disseminated.
The data provided shall be processed for the entire duration of the Contest and subsequently in the performance of all the activities provided for in these Rules.
Entrants may exercise the rights provided at Article 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003.

15. Language, applicable law and competent court – Filing of Rules.

All entries to the Contest shall be made exclusively in the English language and projects submitted in any other language will be discounted. The Contest is governed by Italian law. Any dispute shall come within the exclusive jurisdiction of Treviso Court.
The Contest Rules will be filed at the registered office of Bencom and may be viewed online at any time on www.unhatefoundation.org.