Hate is one of the causes for the lack of social and economic development of new generations.

UNHATE projects will finance concrete actions in local communities to promote dialogue and acceptance of diversity, that will be implemented by associations and organisations whose beneficiaries are mainly children and young people.

By promoting the social impact of art, these actions will be selected for their capacity to bring long lasting and rooted positive effects in the target communities, where youth will become true agents for change and fight against hate.

The Foundation is financing projects on issues linked to fight against hate and lack of acceptance of diversity, in different geographical areas.

These will include:

In South America : against hate and violence in the suburban areas.

Unhate Foundation: favelas In Brazil

In Brazil: for children and young people living in the favelas, who are victims and actors of day by day hate and violence. UNHATE projects will support associations working to give a better life and a future to them, particularly through art and music. See the Fighting against hate in Sao Paulo: creating a survival guide for street children and adolescents project.

In Asia: discrimination against children and young people belonging to ethnic minorities and vulnerable groups.

Unhate Foundation: Group of Cheerful Rural Indian Children joining hands

In India: projects promoting social and economic empowerment of children from outcaste communities in rural areas. See the Art and photography for the street children of New Delhi project.

In Bangladesh: educational programmes for girls belonging to the tribal ethnic minorities in the South of the Country, in order to support their social and economic development.

In Cambodia: for local organisations that have been developed by former exploited children and that are engaged in rehabilitation and education of children who are victims of sexual exploitation, marginalised in their communities.

In the Middle East: projects for young people, manged by young prople to promote dialogue.

Unhate Foundation: Women in Lebanon

In Palestine and Israel: support to dialogue centres manged by young people and students: one example the development of community radio broadcasting to facilitate the exchange of experiences and concrete cooperation between palestinian and youth, in the framework of a common peace project.

In Lebanon: support to projects fighting discrimination against young women.

In Africa: against hate after conflicts, for the future of new generations.

Unhate Foundation: Projects in Africa

In those countries where ethnical hate and lack of acceptance of cultural diversity led to conflicts that lasted for years, the UNHATE Foundation will support projects developed by youth groups and associations that are working to rebuild the social basis of their Countries. Target countries will include: Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Sudan.

Art against hate: in partnership with Fabrica, the Foundation will support the talent and work of young people living in areas where hate has generated social injustice and conflicts.

Through this programme, young people will have the chance to express themselves with works of art or music that bear witness to their efforts to fight against hate.