Creative Art for Change

UNHATE Foundation promotes the project “Creative Art for Change”, in cooperation with ECPAT Foundation Thailand.

The project supports and promotes ECPAT’s existing Young Partnership Project, which engages the most at-risk and marginalized groups of children through training and leadership development to become advocates for their rights. It provides also sexually exploited and at-risk youth with the opportunity to learn about and implement awareness raising campaigns through the use of creative arts, through the implementation of a multi-day Art Camp.
Children and youth also have the support and resources to use the skills learned during the Art Camps to design and implement their own awareness raising activities within their communities.

The beneficiaries of the project are children and youth who are victims of sexual exploitation, aged 10-23 years old.

UNHATE Foundation promotes the project Creative Art for Change

The Art Camps become an opportunity to learn about creative ways to raise awareness of the commercial and sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) and to counter discrimination; this also includes using art and theatre as a form of therapy for survivors of sexual exploitation.
Art is seen as a communication medium, to allow children and youth to express and show their own feelings and help them recover from bad experiences.
As many as 5000 children and young people (under 18 years old) will have the opportunity to explain how to prevent themselves and others being victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking through art exhibition, awareness raising activities and animation storyboards.
Entries to the animation competition, together with materials produced during the Art Camps and youth-led activities will be used at local exhibitions to provide a focal point for raising awareness in communities and for inviting representatives from the media, local government, tourism sector and other child-rights agencies to increase recognition of the validity of children and youth’s role in ending CSEC.
The project will also provide an opportunity for the collaborative design and construction of a semi-permanent monument/structure. Once a prominent location has been secured, children and youth will each design individual segments to be inserted into the “END CSEC” monument, to provide a high profile reminder to communities that the sexual exploitation of children is a crime.
Opportunities to promote and share the materials from the project on-line will also be explored.

UNHATE Foundation promotes the project Creative Art for Change

Young motivators and other youths (18 -23 years old) will have increased capacity and leadership skills, become more analytical and responsible of their peers, as youth leaders and activists. This will be achieved through actively participating in planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating the youth-led micro projects and other activities.
Local communities will have increased awareness and understanding of children’s rights to protection from sexual exploitation and trafficking and how they as guardians and community members can hold duty-bearers accountable.

ECPAT Foundation Thailand

The ECPAT Foundation Thailand, established in 1999, has its headquarters in Muang Chiang Rai. It focuses on the commercial sexual exploitation of children and youth situated in the North of Thailand.

The vision of the ECPAT Foundation is a country in which children and youth live happily, with no risks of child prostitution, child pornography and child trafficking for sexual purposes. Its mission is to work with partners and networking agencies to eliminate these forms of exploitation.

ECPAT Foundation holds activities for children and youth to prevent child prostitution and sex tourism and to teach children about the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, reproductive health and commercial sexual exploitation. ECPAT Foundation also organizes training, seminars, workshops and meetings with local and international agencies at national, provincial, district and grassroots levels.

For more information about ECPAT Foundation Thailand, visit www.ecpat-thailand.org.

UNHATE Foundation promotes the project Creative Art for Change

October 21st, 2013.

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