Empowering the outcast youth through UNHATE Community Radio Campaign

UNHATE Foundation promotes the project “Empowering the outcast youth through UNHATE community radio campaign”.

The project supports and promotes various development activities which aim to create an environment free from exploitations by promoting equal opportunities for the poor and marginalized children and youth thereby ensuring a sustainable development. The major concerns targeted by Peace Trust are child rights protection, youth empowerment, core labor standards, environmental awareness, natural resources management and disaster preparedness.
The beneficiaries of the project are poor and marginalized children and youth.

 Foundation and Peace Trust

Peace Trust will implement a cultural programme including folk arts, street theatres, competitions and wall writings, which will be conducted in a phased manner throughout the district to create awareness among the people of the equal rights for the outcast youth. Peace Trust will also be holding workshops for folk troupes to train them to include understated messages about the empowerment of outcast youth.

Peace Trust will also organize a radio campaign using the Pasumai community radio @ 90.4 MHz (CR). The objectives of the cultural programme and community radio campaign is to sensitize people on the rights of the Dalit youth such as the right to be protected against violence, right to get a skilled job and the right to enjoy good health in the best environment.

Peace Trust – India

Peace Trust is a non-partisan, non-political, secular and non-governmental organisation engaged in promoting the eradication of child labour, welfare of migrant labour, protection of the environment and awareness of health and hygiene. It believes in sustainable development with equitable distribution of the fruits of development and equal opportunities for all citizens.

Peace Trust was established in 1984 in Dindigul in the State of Tamil Nadu, to help release child labourers from hazardous industries like tanneries and cotton mills. Children’s rights, sustainable development, the empowerment of women and livelihood development are the main focus areas of Peace Trust. In particular, it defends people against exploitation and abuse, by promoting education and by ensuring a child-friendly society. For more information about Peace Trust, visit www.peacetrust.in.


October 21st, 2013.

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