Paintings against hate

UNHATE Foundation promotes the project “Paintings against hate”, in cooperation with Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan and the support of the Italian Association Francesco Realmonte Onlus and f.r.a.s.i (francesco realmonte associazione svizzera italiana).

The project supports the overcoming of hate and prejudices created by the civil war between the Tamil and Sinhalese ethnic groups and the acceptance of their cultural differences, through artistic and creative ateliers of drawing, addressed to Tamil and Sinhalese children and youth. These activities are focused on their respective cultural heritage and aimed at developing mutual integration and reconciliation.

Unhate Foundation - Paintings against hate

The beneficiaries of the project are Tamil and Sinhalese children and youth, aged 5 to 14, hosted in the “Arunothayam Hostel” of Trincomalee and in the “School for life” of Weligama, who need psychological support to get over from the trauma of the civil war, tsunami and displacement.

Paintings become a communication medium: the vehicle through which children and youth express and show their own feelings, their past and traumas and the way to recover from bad experiences.
The paintings of children and youth will be collected and presented in an exhibition to be organized at the end of the project.

The paintings have been analyzed and studied by a team of sociologists and psychologists from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan, in order to understand the children and youth’s needs and help them to get over from trauma and overcome hate between the two different ethnic groups.
The team of sociologists and psychologists will also hold trainings, to educators and teachers who are currently taking care of children and youth. The courses will have the purpose to improve the operators’ expertise in the process of children’s healing from traumas and acceptance of mutual differences.

Unhate Foundation - Paintings against hate

In expressive and creative ateliers, children and youth have the possibility to express, through their paintings, the traumatic events they had to face:

Unhate Foundation - Paintings against hateFrom the left: the obligation to leave their homes; the forced abandon of their home and community; their parent’s death; human violence and his continuous threats.

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan

The Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan works in collaboration with the Association Francesco Realmonte Onlus, supporting projects in emergency contexts and organizing seminars, conferences and meetings in order to make the academic community aware of issues related to human rights protection.

Starting from the concept of “resilience”, the inborn capability that everyone has to adapt, face and get over from traumas, the Università Cattolica and the Association Francesco Realmonte have trained many educators and operators to help poor and sexually exploited children of Pemba (Mozambico); to assist disabled children and youth in Bethlehem through music therapy; to bring assistance to those people, especially children, living in the Italian province of Mantova stricken by last year earthquake.
The Association Francesco Realmonte Onlus was born in Milan in 2009, in memory of Francesco Realmonte, jurist and professor at the Catholic University in Milan, with the aim to promote solidarity and cooperation at national and international level.
For more information on the Association Francesco Realmonte Onlus: www.francescorealmonte.it

Unhate Foundation - Paintings against hate

July 10th, 2013.

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