The Insights, the Strategy and the Idea
The UNHATE Foundation asked Fabrica to develop a project to raise awareness about the dramatic reality of immigration, even when the spotlight of the media is switched off. Following the shipwreck of October 3rd, 2013, some 366 irregular migrants died in the sea surrounding Lampedusa, Italy. Sciabica is a word of Arabic origin meaning “fishing net”. For us, Sciabica is the net cast to collect the tales of those who were there and those who are gone, after all the clamour of the media has died down. This is done through a digital platform which is connected to the social networks.

The Implementation of the Project
The platform collects the migrants’ stories: they tell us of their travels to Europe, of the role of traffickers, of the current problems they are running away from, and of the future they are longing for. In coherence with the mandate and principles of the UNHATE Foundation, this project aims to promote human rights and fight against the many forms of discrimination migrants face.
Sciabica uses the concept of the pizzino, a Sicilian term to describe a short note written on a piece of paper. The pizzino is the material representation of efforts to give voice to the migrants and to the locals, using social networks to send messages to the Italian and European decision makers, spurring them to take action.


The Concrete Results
The platform distributes editorials, interviews, photographs and videos – integrating content with Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook – along with the public and media relations. Two events brought in famous Italian actors and singers, who performed and read the migrants’ stories. Sciabica is an ongoing project committed to saving the memories of those stories of immigration and hope. The project has been endorsed by the United Nations Regional Information Centre for Western Europe (UNRIC).

Sciabica_11 pizzini_Russom_copy

Sciabica_01 pizzini_VitoFiorino_copy

Sciabica_05 pizzini_Annalisa_DAncona_copy

Sciabica_02 pizzini_CostantinoBaratta_copy

April 9th, 2014.

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