The UNHATE Foundation is created

The UNHATE Foundation, designed and founded by the Benetton Group, was created to contribute to the building of a new culture of tolerance and un-hate.

Unhate Foundation

The Foundation aims to be an active presence in the international community, through specific and concrete initiatives that involve

the new generations, institutions, international and non-governmental organisations, right up to involving the whole of civilised society.

Communication will be the core of active participation and concrete actions animating the UNHATE project, as demonstrated by the international advertising campaign launched on 16 November through both the web and social media and through a surprise live-action plan.

An idea of tolerance, united with a message of hope and peace that has become real through the UNHATE Dove project, created by Fabrica and artist Erik Ravelo: an artistic installation in the form of a dove, made of the spent gun cartridges collected in war zones all over the world.

Every year we will celebrate UNHATE Day, involving 50 different cities spread over the various continents, also conceived as a think tank to attract personalities and talents from culture, politics, law and economics all over the world, in order to build and promote a new culture of tolerance.

November 16th, 2011.