01 JAN 1987



just like all people in the whole
world, i have my own dreams and i
try the best everyday of my life to
make them true. i am learning
karate wado ryu technique and so
far it goes so well for me. i
really love it. my dream job was to
become an archaeologist spesialized
in egyptian histrory. egypt is the
country that i always wanted to
travel to, ever since i was a
child. i haven't acomplished that
yet but i hope i will soon. i like
ancient histrory in general, i read
about lost cities like atlantis
that haven't been found yet,
ancient ruins and relics that come
to the surfice during excavations.
every year i hear about a new
discovery. it's the mystery, the
thrill, the agony, the excitement
and lots more that make me like
this kind of job. which is why i
also love indiana jones and lara
croft. generally i would describe
myself as a low profile person, i
do everything i can to help my
familly and friends in daily
matters, and those who are in need
if it's up to my power. i don't get
mad easily and i am extremely
patient, but i don't tolerate
betrayal, people hurting their
fellow humans or even animals and
who would do ANYTHING for money and
of course any kind of injustice.
after all one of my favourite
phrases is "don't do to others what
you don't want to be done to
yourself". i am also a big
Michael Jackson fan. although the
truth is, i didn't even know him
before he died. i only knew the
name but not the face behind it.
when i heard about his tragic death
at the news, i was so interested in
the things that people were saying
about him and i started searching
his history. day by day my
curiosity turned into sympathy and
love and finally me becoming his
fan. what i will always love and
appreciate in Michael Jackson,
beyond the fact that he was a huge
artist, is all the things that he
has done to help as many people in
need as he could. the money he
donated on charities are counted to
millions. i don't know many artists
out there who do the same. i could
think of a hundred words to
describe a man like MJ but i wont.
it's enough for me to know my
feelings towards him. i will always
love him for what he stands for.
may his soul find the peace and
serenity that didn't have in life!



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