Hate is one of the causes for the lack of social and economic development of new generations.
UNHATE projects finance concrete actions in local communities to promote dialogue and acceptance of diversity. The projects are implemented by associations and organisations whose beneficiaries are mainly children and young people.
These actions will be selected for their capacity to bring long lasting and rooted positive effects in the target communities by promoting the social impact of art; in this way, youth will become true agents in the fight against hate, bringing about a positive change.
The Foundation is currently financing projects on issues linked to the fight against hate and the lack of acceptance of diversity, in different geographical areas.
Through the projects, the Foundation has addressed the following issues:

  • •   Violence and discrimination against young girls and women

Violence and discrimination against young girls and women_02

    • •   Sexual exploitation of children and youth

Sexual exploitation of children and youth_01

    • •   Social and economic empowerment of children and youth from rural areas

economic and social empowerment_01

    • •   Discrimination against youth belonging to ethnic minorities and vulnerable groups


    • •   The future of new generations in post conflict areas, with the aim of rebuilding the social basis of those Countries where ethnical lack of acceptance of cultural diversity has led to conflicts that lasted for years

Future of new generations in post conflict areas_05


The Foundation also partners with Fabrica, the communication and research centre created by Benetton Group; Fabrica develops the creative concept for the communication campaigns of the Foundation.